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5 Easy Steps

Here at Avatis Digital we aim to simplify the process along with time it takes to get your eCommerce project from concept to live. Our process is streamlined to enable your site to be up and running in just 5 Easy steps.

Consultation & Agreement

We begin the process with a consultation to clarify the type of site required along & its complexity. Once confirmed you’ll sign our agreement & we get the ball rolling

Hosting & Development

We create your secure hosted platform and begin installing your designed site. Aside this we establish your digital catatlog & inventory database.

GoLive & Support

Finally, we combine all for a GoLive date and you’re up and running.
With full technical support and 99% uptime, you’ll have peace of mind your site is hassle free.

Consultation & Planning

Factors to Consider in planning your eCommerce site.

Which eCommerce Platform – Magento Prestashop/WooCommerce /OpenCart.

Will you manage your orders or use 3rd Party Support?

What is your budget? are you complimenting a store or replacing with online only?

Are you moving from an existing online platform such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify?

Do you have shipping management in place?


We deliver stunning eCommerce websites which do not compromise quality and reliability with Affordability. Our solutions cover a variety of platforms from Magento to Prestashop & WooCommerce.

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Retail Furniture

Retail Clothing

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Retail Electrical

Skin Care & Beauty

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